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Plástic Artist

Milena Pagliacci


Having a particular style, expressive and singular, Milena Pagliacci, surprizes our reason and sensibility with her art, which sometimes has the academic tradition, other times follows the ways of the modernist vanguard. 


Her clean and bold traces take us to the limits of our humanity, leading us to the borders of consciousness and uncounsciousness.  It is the true translation of Nietzsche’s rope tied between the animal and the beyond-the-man; the rope above the abysm.


Graduated in Advertizing, she improved herself in History of Art, reaffirming her interest and passion for the artistic language. She studied with reputed sculptors and painters. She has been participating of several exhibitions, conquering the public with recognition and admiration of the specialized media, awards and laudatory comments.

Art Critic J.C.A.

The artist